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How to Choose the Perfect Side Table

Everyone needs a good spot to set down their drink and a side table is the perfect place. Metal, glass or wood? Round, square or rectangular? Drawers or shelves? Finding the perfect side tables can be a bigger task than you thought it’d be but this simple guide will help you get started.

Side tables play an important role in your living room and they really enhance the space for ultimate comfort and convenience. Size, shape, function and style types are the main factors to consider when choosing your side tables. Today let's discuss side tables and how to choose the best types for your home.


Measure before you buy, side tables come in all shapes and you want to be sure the side table you choose will fit into the spot you are aiming for. The average height of a side table is 24-28 inches. Ideally you would like it to be within sitting reach from a chair or sofa.


Side tables come in 3 basic shapes; rectangular, round or irregular.

Round side tables are wonderful for tight spaces and they are pleasing to look at because the human eye is naturally drawn to round objects.

Rectangular side tables are convenient because they offer greater surface space on the table top for drinks, books, remotes, picture frames and decor. Rectangular side tables are also convenient because they naturally fit into corners.

Irregular shaped side tables can balance a room with large square furniture pieces and they can create a unique look.


Always consider storage and the function you need for your side table. Maybe you need drawers for extra storage or you were looking for extra shelves to store books and magazines. Side tables come with tons of different storage options and taking into account if you need extra space can help you stay clutter free at home.


Style types range widely but they can generally be placed into these categories; classic, modern, rustic, farmhouse and eclectic.

Classic - Classic side tables have a traditional feel which usually contain clean lines and ornamental details such as carved pedestal bases and antique influenced hardware.

Modern - The style is distinguished by solid colors, clean designs, straight lines, and basic forms. Glossy finishes and minimal details are also characteristics of modern furniture.

Rustic - A cozy rustic living room needs side tables that can match the feel of the room. Find side tables that have a natural feel. Distressed wood finishes are popular because they highlight wood grain patterns. Reclaimed wood side tables with forged iron hardware create a great aged look.

Farmhouse - Farmhouse style side tables have simple silhouettes with classic touches such as trestle bases or shiplap details. The usage of distressed wood with graceful accents, and neutral or beige colors. Solid wood, wicker, and wrought iron are used in farmhouse furniture.

Eclectic - Eclectic style is a type of interior design that mixes various styles together to create a unique look. Eclectic looks are brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. It is a mix and match of different styles and elements for a personally pieced together look.

Tips for finding your perfect side tables

  • Don’t put a lamp on the side table with a lampshade that has a larger diameter than the table

  • 26” is the average height of a side table

  • Mix and match - not everything needs to be the same materials, finish or color

  • Consider storage and function, you may need extra space for household items

  • Mix shapes - round goes great with square

  • MEASURE before you buy

  • Nesting Tables let you take tables out and put them away when needed and they are great for small spaces

  • Don’t be afraid to show off your style with unique and interesting sides tables

By Chloe Holister-Cicciarelli

Interior Designer, Blogger & Marketing Consultant

Chloe Holister-Cicciarelli has been in the design field for the last 4 years and she works at Stewart and Company Fine Furniture as a marketing consultant, blogger and with customers as an interior designer. Chloe is a passionate writer and when she isn’t working you can find her walking her dog and being engaged in countless art projects. For more blogs from Chloe please click

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