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Sleep Tips To Cope With The Time Change

Do you wake up rested, refreshed and ready to seize the day? If you are a “morning person” your body most likely recharged while you slept. For “night owls” and for those who have difficulty getting seven hours or more of sleep, mornings can be difficult.

Lack of sleep can lead to anger. According to a recent Iowa State University study, “Losing just a couple hours of sleep at night makes you angrier, especially in frustrating situations.”

Spring forward on March 10th will steal an hour from our morning for the daylight saving time adjustment. We reset our clocks, but what can we do for our own health and sanity?

The time change can lead to loss of sleep causing stress and irritability. Our bodies need sleep as much as we need food to survive. Balancing our active lifestyle with the sun cycle is difficult, especially with all the digital electronics we use today.

The sleep tips from The Better Sleep Council advises relaxing two hours before bedtime refraining from late night exercise, food, and drink for a more restful night. Restonic Blog* has numerous recommendations for successful sleep on a new mattress. Adapting to the new hours of daylight may take time as does recuperating from jet-lag.

Understand the important of sleep will help us all make it a life priority. A recent National Geographic article* explains the stages of sleep. Michael Finkel writes about the purpose of each stage and what is necessary to have a good night sleep. Over 80,000 adult Americans are chronically sleep deprived.

Learning that sleep can influence the changes of having dementia and Alzheimer’s woke me up to prioritize sleep. Like many other adults I am a night owl that often gets less than 7 hours of sleep in the night, exercise late in the day, drink coffee and also eat late yet sleep very soundly on my Restonic mattress. Perhaps I can modify my behavior and become a refreshed morning person with a better, longer nights rest.

*Restonic Blog: Time Change Sleep Tips

*National Geographic: Sleep Science: in the Era of screens Sleep is crucial

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