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Non-Elective Eclectic

“If you love it, it will work.” Designer Bunny Williams

Our family rang 2019 in with a new home.

Moving is something I’ve done a lot of, unfortunately. You would think that would be an exciting opportunity for a designer but the chaos of unopened boxes, lamps looking for a home and walls yet to be painted can take a toll on your decorating spirit for the fifth time around.

I’ve never let a home totally dictate my person style. I like to work a home backwards, letting the style of the home influence how it will be decorated. This can be a bit of a challenge if you move a few times and end up with an accumulation of furniture and accessories that don’t “necessarily” go together.

I have often heard people say, “I buy things but, I don’t know how to put them together.” So how do I bring a bunch of unrelated items into harmony? Color and balance is the key.

Balancing the weight and scale of furniture combined with a cohesive color scheme can unify eclectic furniture and accessories in your space. Think about the colors you use in your home and how often you might switch from your love of pastels to deep rich saturated colors like burnt orange and sage green. It probably doesn’t happen that often. I prefer to use a monochromatic color scheme using varying hues of one color. I tend to gravitate toward dark, rich deep tones of a neutral color. We are drawn to using the colors we love.

When one of our talented designers comes to your home to help you pick fabrics, furniture and draw up floor plans we welcome your questions about how to make your room look its best. Helping you choose furniture and accessories you love are as important to us as helping you create rooms you will love.

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