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What Our Designers Do For You

Stewart & Company provides our customers with help they need to help them find the right pieces that fit their style, tastes and needs. We listen to our customers to learn about the spaces in their home. Our sales and design associates can answer your questions, give advice and provide good solutions with our one on one customer service and care.

Sometimes shoppers don’t know what furniture they need, what style or what scale for their best for their room, space or home. Our sales & design associates have experience, background and education to guide them in the right direction. The staff helps by understanding each customer’s unique desires and needs. We develop positive relationships by problem solving, and giving honest feedback with knowledge of the field and product in mind. We seek to establish a lasting, trustworthy, professional bond with our customers.

A client can request a complimentary house call followed by an in store consultation. By coming to your home we get a sense of the architecture and scale, your needs and function of the space as well as your preferred style. We will measure your space and existing and furniture so we can space plan and create a floor plan with different room arrangements. We then help you select furniture, rugs, window treatments, and accents. We work together to create spaces that can you can be proud of and that’s serves your distinct individual needs.

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