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What’s Trending and How it influences Home Décor

What’s trending now is more note-worthy today than ever before. Social Media like Pinterest and Twitter, blogs, publications, and design websites like Houzz show us what society likes today.

Some of the newest fabrics and furnishings we see are influenced by women's fashions. Floral prints, multicolored patterns and pattern mixing are popular today in apparel. The use of floral fabrics for pillows, window treatments and accent chairs are a great way to update a space by layering a pattern with color.

Artisan crafted designs inspire some of the pieces we see in art, furniture, accessories and fabrics. The combination of leather, faux fur, textures and patterns is an eclectic collected style.

The Industrial look is prevalent today with retro and rustic styles of furniture and finishes. It has been popular in urban lofts ad also is as a way to relax the look in transitional spaces. You will see mixed metal, reclaimed wood, the rustic painted pieces combined for a casual mixed look.

Glam or bling is found on blue jeans, in jewelry, ornamenting shoes and purses plus as added pizzaz in home interiors. The glamour of old Hollywood can be seen in furniture with mirrored accents, metallic fabric, faux fur and frosted finishes.

Mid Century Modern seems to be the rage. A return of the best styles from the late 40s to the early 70s is showing up everywhere. The TV series Madd Men is credited for presenting great sets of this clean modern style. Simple lines in furniture with bold colors on accent pieces are back again today.

We see the influence of these design trends and the newly forecasted colors in consumer products, apparel and in home interiors. It needs to be the right color for each person's home. Just like we have our own preferences for the colors of clothes we wear.

I had the opportunity to tour the TRADITIONAL HOME Southern Style Now designer showcase in New Orleans this spring. This historic Victorian home was transformed by 27 talented designers into rooms with individual character and elegant southern style.

Each room was a visual delight. The mix of colors and patterns in the furnishings and window treatments, the wallpapers and paint, the rugs, wonderful artwork and fabulous accessory placement created unique looks throughout the house.

We enjoy gathering ideas from show houses, trade journals, decorating magazines, and showrooms. Creating a new room or updating a space in a home can be inspired by these trends, and ideas; however selecting the pieces, materials and colors used needs to be customized for each individual. Working with a designer can be helpful in developing a plan for a room. We make recommendations based on the features of the space, the function and use of the room, traffic flow and the individual's personal preferences.

Stewart & Company offers free interior design service for our clients. Contact our store to schedule an appointment with one of our designers for a complimentary home visit.


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