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5 Simple Ways to Accent Your Space

For most people, the struggle is real for how to decorate their space. Social media source’s like Pinterest for example, has been great for many but also has been confusing at the same time. The concept of that site really pushes for trends and staying with what’s popular. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always right for everyone. Trends come and go just as fast as they came to be. Really think about YOUR preferences based on the wants and needs that work for your lifestyle.

Accessories are the most simple and inexpensive way to add a pop of color, texture, and visual effect to lighten the space or simply add personal character. It can range from a picture to a free standing art fixture. This generally can be easily changed or modified without a big investment. Try playing with sizes, shapes, heights, and visual weights when choosing an accessory. Ultimately, this type of accenting is less of a commitment, yet can be very personalizing.

Another very important way to accent, is lighting and it’s often the most over looked aspect of design. There are many types of lighting, whether natural or artificial; both relate to a need of practicality or highlighting. Table lamps, floor lamps or even a light fixture can be timeless, functional and exciting all at the same time. There are various types of purposes for lighting, ranging from overhead, task and accent for example. The type of bulb and what color of light will be emitted should also be factored into any design. One last important aspect to pay attention to is what the bulb’s wattage is, as it can be very important depending on the purpose of the lighting source.

Rugs ground the room, while also becoming a lovely piece of art work for your floor. The physical appearance can range by styles, colors, textures and fiber content. Their stylings can range all across the board from a solid, flat weave, print, and classic oriental motifs for example. Durability can be an important consideration for many reasons. Inexpensive rugs are generally made from synthetic fibers that can continue to shed as well as having a backing made from a material that can emit odors and gases. Natural fibers, such as wool, have a wonderful natural protective property called lenitioin that helps with moister, dirt, and general wear over time. Those types of rugs have a higher initial investment, but will perform better and not needed to be replaced nearly as soon.

Another simple and inexpensive way to add an accent is with pillows. They can easily add more or less texture, incorporate prints while coordinate colors. It’s also an easy way to connect one type of fabric to another. Pillows can also highlight the furniture and enhance the established color pallet. Fiber content of the fabrics is semi-important, depending on the individual needs of your space.

The last aspect of accenting your space that I am going to touch base on is window treatments. Often people think of window treatments as being large, heavy and full of patterns covering a window. But that is far from what’s really out there; the possibilities are endless. These treatments can range from something as simple as a valance or stationary panels, to creating a historically correct based design on a period oriented home. The general idea of this concept is to frame in the space, while keeping the design cohesive with existing elements in the space.

Accenting a space can be challenging, but with simple and easy steps, your space can glow with style, cohesiveness and functionality. It can be as easy as adding a pair of pillows that add a punch of color, to picking out a rug that frames in the room along with added pattern. Each person is different in their tastes and needs, which should be embraced. Just remember, that even though it’s trending or popular now, does not mean its right for you!


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