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The Unique and Comfortable Boomerang Chair

The Boomerang Chair is an amazing creation from Hancock and Moore. This unique and comfortable chair harmoniously combines form, function and the laws of nature with design and excellent craftsmanship.

The boomerang inspired Allan Price to utilize the triangle for support of the beautiful wood arms which were formed to the shape of a relaxed human forearm in the design of the chair. This contours the human form so when the arm's natural position is at rest it's as if “floating in air” like a boomerang. The wings of the chair follow “the flowing lines gentle curves and contours of the female form”, and the leather originally selected is reminiscent of the upholstery used in handcrafted sports cars of the 50's and 60's.

A character mark is found on the back legs where three stripes of lighter wood intersect on an angle. This was to pay tribute to the origins of the boomerang, the Aborigines, and their belief that the spiritual world, the human world and the world of nature, all intersect and must balance. See the Boomerang Chair at Stewart and Company and experience the wonderful comfort of a fabulous heirloom piece of furniture.

The boomerang evolved from a handmade hunting tool of Australian Aborigines, to a sporting good item. The American world record holder Al Gerhard threw the boomerang an impressive 125 yards in the late 70's. The boomerang chair came into creation through the efforts of a team of fine artisian craftsman at Hancock and Moore. Alan's design was made into a frame by David, Ronnie patterned it, Wanda, Willie and Roger all did the parts of the leather upholstery, then Melisa burnished it, Jerry and Michelle finished it Jessie touched it up (more than once). The input of Barry and Jack for the” best seating “led Brent to rework the frame and develop the spring construction with firmer leather so it would sit well while Jimmy Moore inspired them all to build the best piece of furniture they could. The development of this amazing chair demonstrates the Hancock and Moore commitment to excellence which is their tradition and has made them the best leather furniture company today.

See the Boomerang chair at Stewart & Company and experience the wonderful comfort of a fabulous heirloom piece of furniture.

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